Frequently Asked Questions

Favored by driving instructors and people who just want to teach driving their friends or Family Members, dual control cars feature pedals on the passenger’s side of the car, in addition to the traditional set of pedals on the driver’s side. These controls allow the passenger (driving instructor or a Friend) to stop the car by using the extra pedals. This enables the instructor to stay in control of the vehicle at all times. Read More

All New Learners that  are planning to driver our cars with an assist of instructors or any friends, family members MUST have a Valid Passed DMV Paper Exam. 

Anyone who has a Valid State Driver License can Rent Our Dual Control Cars and start teaching Driving.

  • Must be over the age of 21 (25 depending on the state/rental)
  • United States drivers license
  • Proof of Insurance Document
  • Soft Background Criminal Check.

No, as a Bonus we are giving Unlimited Mile for all Period you are Renting our Dual Control Cars with Assist Gas and Brake Pedals installed in Passenger seat.

The renter is liable for all speeding, traffic, parking, or other tickets and violations issued while the vehicle is in your possession and must pay for any and all penalties, fees, towing charges, or impound costs.

Rental vehicles may not be driven outside the state where rented without prior written approval.

VISA, Mastercard, American Express, Discover and cash are available methods of payment for rental damage deposits and fees. Click Here to Rent Dual Control Cars Right Now

Yes, We do. Driving School Instructors or Independent Contractors that help teaching Driving are renting our cars to0.

Unfortunately we are NOT Providing Instructors for now, but maybe in the future we can add this service too. 

We Are Partnering with Driving Schools and renting cars for their instructors and driving Lessons.

Thanks for your interest in our service. We are renting dual control cars that have Brake pedal and/or Gas plus Brake pedal in Passenger seat which allows anyone to be an instructor for new learner drivers. All fees are included except insurance which instructors are liable while driving. We will give instructor a forum to feel out which will activate instructors current insurance. Or we can rent it out over 3rd party service provider where instructors can order daily insurance which is around $10-$15/day ( 1 million coverage ). No extra hidden charges or fees.

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