Driving school vehicles

Many driving school owners are not confident when it comes to choosing and equipping their driving school vehicles. What makes and models work best for driving schools? Should you buy used or new? What equipment do you need in the cars? How long should you keep the cars? What equipment do you need for the interior? Finally, what should you put on the outside of your cars?

As an owner, you have to make important decisions every day when it comes to driving school vehicles.

What kind of driving school vehicle should you consider?


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There really is no right answer here. There are definitely pros and cons of different makes and models. Through the years, we have purchased Nissans, Fords, Hondas, and more. In fact, you name it and we’ve probably had it in our fleet at one time or another.
The only car that made the final cut was the Toyota Prius. We ditched the rest and kept the best because maintenance costs are incredibly low, the gas mileage is incredible, and they last! We had Priuses drive easily over 200,000 miles and still run well. My other cars? Well, not so much.