Car Accessories

Car accessories that must be purchased:

Cars are more than just a means of transportation for most of us. They are our fashion statement as well as our second home as we end up spending 3-4 hours in them on a daily basis. So how do we make our cars more comfortable and convenient on the move? This is where car accessories come into play. Now the market is full of cheap and so-called useful car accessories – which one of these should you invest in?

Car accessories: Mobile Charger

car accessories


We can’t live without our smartphones even while driving a car. This is because, from Bluetooth streaming of songs to using Google Maps for navigation, our mobiles are making our lives easier even while on the move. This also means the battery life goes for a toss. A mobile charger hence is probably one the most important car accessories. Make sure you get one of a reputed make and with a minimum output of 2 amperes – this ensures your phone will charge quickly.

Car accessories: Portable Tyre Inflator

car accessories

Number two on our list of must-have car accessories is a device that is seldom used but when required, it can rescue us from an unwanted situation in the middle of nowhere. A punctured tubeless tire can be repaired easily and post that, a portable tire inflator can help you inflate the tire by powering it through the power outlet of your car. A good inflator can refill a completely flat tire in about 10-15 minutes. Further, you can also skip long queues at the filling station and check/fill air into the car tires yourself at home.

Car Perfume

A car that smells good, feels good. Invest in a good car freshener and take care of unwanted odor and bad smell from the car interiors. These are easily available and will surely make others take notice when they step into your accessories